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Mushroom Steak Scramble W/MFN Bacon & Peanut Butter Toast.

Updated: Apr 26, 2020


3 to 4 eggs mixed up (I prefer chicken)

Steak sliced and diced

Mushrooms, (chop them until you have enough)

2 slices of Cheese.(Choose the Cheese you like)

White bread (Like your cousin)

Bacon (You already know the number of slices you need to cook)

1. Start cooking bacon. I drop mine in some extra coconut oil. Just a little bit.

2. Mix it up. Eggs.

3. Saute chopped steak and chopped mushrooms

4. Add scramble eggs to saute (ProTip: I add a few drops of pancake batter, like IHOP does)

5. Keep an eye on the scramble... When you are about 25% done cooking the scramble, add two slices of cheese. I'm lazy so I just tear it up into small pieces. This also allows me to eat a slice while I'm cooking

6. Check the Bacon

7. Prep the toast. You WILL NEED a toaster. Toast your bread to a nice golden.

8. Pull Scramble when done, Pull bacon and dry off grease.

9. Toast is about to pop. Grab the Peanut butter of choice. Be prepared to spread as soon as the toast pops off. The hot bread may melt some of the butter and it makes it taste better. Trust me!

10. Eat it!

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