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Cheesy Quesadilla


Shredded cheese (this is your choice) I use Fiesta Blend or Sharp Cheddar

Soft Tortillas (2)

Grab a skillet, 10 inch ones work perfectly

1. Turn your favorite eye onto medium heat

2. Toss ONE of the tortillas on the skillet

3. add the cheese (do this quickly so you don't burn the tortilla but melt the cheese)

4. Add the lid to the cheese (Yes, this is the OTHER soft tortilla)

5. Cook 2-3 minutes to melt the cheese and FLIP that mofo!

6. Cook on this side until cheese is melted or you've reached your desired crispiness for the tortilla

Add sour cream, pico de gallo, salsa or any of your other faves for more flavor!

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